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Clinton College provides students with Microsoft Surface Go devices

May 04, 2020

Clinton College looks to close the digital divide with Microsoft Surface Go initiative

Full-time students receive devices for the academic year

As a global pandemic forced every college and university across the country to move courses online indefinitely, Clinton College students were able to continue their classwork thanks to a campus initiative that provides every full-time student with a Microsoft Surface Pro during the school year. 

The Microsoft Surface Pro program was implemented during the Fall semester of the 2019-2020 academic year after the college recognized that many students didn’t have access to a laptop in order to complete their coursework.

 “The hope is that with each student having a surface pro, it will encourage them to be more engaged, connected and excited about participating in a more technology-driven learning environment,” said Archinya Ingram, Senior Vice President of Business Affairs. “Research shows that the use of laptop in the classroom increases students’ engagement, attentiveness, participation and learning.”

In order to receive a surface pro, the student must be enrolled full-time. Every student will have to return the device at the end of each academic year but upon graduation, they will get to keep the devices.  

For more information on the program, email