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Clinton College Starts Supply Pantry to Help Students in Need

July 22, 2019

Golden Bear Supply Pantry receiving donations

In a perfect world, a dedicated college student who is working hard to further their education shouldn’t have to struggle with having enough food to eat, but according to a recent survey, thousands of college students across the country experience food insecurity, including many students at Clinton College.

Researchers at Temple University revealed that more than 40% of college students in 2018 were food insecure, which is “a federal measure of a household’s ability to provide enough food for every person in the household to have an active, healthy life.”

At Clinton College, the department of Enrollment Management and Student Success is making sure students don’t go without during the schoolyear by providing a place where students can get food, snacks and toiletries for free.

According to Temekia Boler, Director of Student Activities, the college began receiving donations last year from local churches and organizations. Those donations helped make the “Golden Bear Supply Pantry” a reality during the 2019 Spring semester.

“It’s a great blessing for our students. When we were in college, we didn’t always have the extra funding to go and get soap or little things that we needed,” said Dean Holly Zacharias, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management/Dean of Students.

The next goal for the department is to create a “Golden Bear Closet” so students have access to appropriate clothing for job interviews.

The pantry is open every other Thursday during the school year, from 11 a.m. – noon and reopens 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. It is open to any enrolled student at Clinton College and students can choose five items each visit – all they have to do is sign in.

The supply pantry is able to provide this service due to the generosity of the community. If you would like to donate, below are some of the items the pantry is accepting:


Tuna pouches

Lance crackers

Fruit cups

Boxed mac & cheese


Ravioli cans

Canned soups


Hypoallergenic soaps


Feminine hygiene products


Dental floss


Mouth wash

Hand sanitizer


Toilet paper

Paper cups

Towels/wash cloths




Suit jackets


Work appropriate skirts



Please keep in mind that donated food items need to have a reasonable shelf life and have the ability to be heated in the microwave. The pantry will not accept cash as donations. Instead, the products listed above, and gift cards are encouraged.

For any additional questions please contact Temekia Boler at