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Clinton College students publish inspiring book

September 26, 2018

Rock Hill, SC (September 19, 2018) – Several talented students at Clinton College are sharing their pain, purpose and passion through their new book titled Shattered Glass and it has caught the attention of Erin Gruwell. Gruwell is the California teacher whose unique teaching methods inspired the 2007 award-winning movie Freedom Writers.

The Shattered Glass project was birthed from the Every Day C.O.A.C.H.E.S. program that started on the Clinton College campus last year by children’s author Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson. With the help of Dr. Johnson, who wrote No Fear For Freedom: The Story of the Friendship 9, eleven students were able to find their voices through writing and explore how their personal experiences shaped their perspectives about life.

During the creation of Shattered Glass, the students watched the Freedom Writers movie, not knowing that months later Dr. Johnson would meet Gruwell and invite her to meet them.

"We have the power to impact the lives of our young people. Erin Gruwell, from the Freedom Writers, understands that our commitment, as educators, is an ongoing process. Having her come and see the work that we're doing here at Clinton College will further inspire our students to reach for their own levels of success, " says Dr. Johnson.

Gruwell will be in town Monday, October 1st to support the official book launch of Shattered Glass at the Center for the Arts in downtown Rock Hill at 6:00 p.m. Also known as the author of The Freedom Writers Diary, Gruwell gained national attention for her work with at-risk students at a Long Beach high school during the mid-1990s – a time when many students were dealing with violence and racial tensions. With limited teaching experience, she introduced her students to stories they could relate to and encouraged them to use writing to express themselves. As a result, all 150 of her students, known as Freedom Writers, graduated high school and many went on to attend college. Since then, Gruwell has started the Freedom Writers Foundation, which aims to spread her method of teaching across the country.

At the book launch, the public will be introduced to the Clinton College students involved in this project:
Davionne Eddie
Rashane Hayes
Jervon Hunter
Alfonso Miller
Jon’Darius (JD) Oden
Dontay Osborne
Irving Peay
Kiana Philadelphia
Tahkel Richardson
Zumari Strickland
Tamia Tucker

The book is available for purchase at

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