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Clinton College Welcomes Ms. Rae'L Jackson as New Director of Promotions and Branding

October 02, 2023

Born and raised in the charming town of Chester, South Carolina, Rae'L Jackson is a dedicated communicator and passionate advocate for her community. She is a proud graduate of Coastal Carolina University, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Communication with a focus on Journalism, Photography, New Media, and Digital Culture in 2020

Rae'L's journey in the field of communication began early, as she honed her skills and deepened her understanding of storytelling. Her commitment to excellence led her to various opportunities within the York County community.

During her time at CN2 News, Rae'L served as a Multimedia Journalist, using her talents to bring local stories to life. Her engaging reporting style and commitment to accuracy made her a trusted voice in the region, as she covered events and issues that mattered to the community.

Rae'L's dedication to community development also found expression during her tenure at the York County Regional Chamber of Commerce, where she focused on Communication and Member Relations. Her ability to foster connections and facilitate meaningful relationships was invaluable in strengthening ties within the local business community.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Rae'L is a person of faith and a devoted believer in Christ. She finds purpose and fulfillment in community outreach, leveraging her skills and passion to make a positive impact on the lives of those around her.

In her precious spare time, Rae'L relishes moments spent with her fiancé, family, and friends. These personal connections fuel her drive to connect with and serve her community.

Today, Rae'L Jackson has brought her talents, experience, and unwavering enthusiasm to Clinton College. Her mission is clear: to share the exceptional attributes of Clinton College with students and the broader community. Through her dedication and communication skills, Rae'L aims to foster a deeper understanding of what makes Clinton a remarkable place to learn and grow.

As a committed storyteller and community advocate, Rae'L Jackson continues to shine a spotlight on the people, places, and stories that make her hometown and the surrounding area truly special. Her journey is a testament to the power of communication and the positive impact it can have on building bridges within communities.