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Congratulations to Dr. Ike Ugboaja

May 21, 2024

Dr. Ike Ugboaja serves as the Vice President of Academic Services at Clinton College with unwavering dedication. Possessing over a decade of experience in both higher education and business, he brings a wealth of expertise to his position. With a Doctorate in Business Administration, he maintains a steadfast commitment to academic excellence and student success.

"We are happy to have Dr. Ike fulfill this vital role at Clinton College. As the Chief Academic Officer, he has already provided stellar and stable leadership for Clinton's faculty and academic staff. I look forward to the major contributions that Dean Ugboaja will make to the dynamic progress of the College" said President Lester A. McCorn.

Throughout his career, Dr. Ugboaja has showcased exceptional leadership, championing initiatives to enhance curriculum standards and foster a culture of innovation and learning. His vision for Clinton College transcends mere academic rigor, prioritizing holistic student development.

Motivated by his belief in education's transformative power, Dr. Ugboaja persistently strives to create pathways for student achievement, both academically and personally. Under his stewardship, Clinton College has experienced significant growth and achievements across diverse fields such as Business, Cybersecurity, Healthcare Administration, Nursing and Elementary Education, reinforcing its reputation as an educational beacon.

As the Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Ugboaja is deeply devoted to cultivating a supportive and inclusive academic environment conducive to students flourishing. His commitment to empowering the next generation of leaders underscores his invaluable contribution to the Clinton College community.