Congratulations, Graduate! 

You've completed your degree and now it is time to cross the finish line! Spring 2021 Commencement is set for Saturday, May 8, 2021 at 1pm. It will be streamed on YouTube and Facebook.

We want to make sure you receive the recognition you deserve so we would like for you to submit two different photos of you in your cap and gown that will be used during the commencement ceremony. In order to do so, please follow these guidelines:

·     Provide TWO quality pictures that include just yourself (the graduate), dressed in your cap and gown and academic honors: cords, medallions, etc:

First photo: A full-length photo of you in your cap and gown (WITHOUT diploma cover) with tassel worn on the right side. Cap should be properly fitted on the head and gown should be zipped up.

Second photo: A full-length photo of you in your cap and gown (WITH diploma cover) with tassel worn on the left side. Hold the diploma in front of your chest with both hands.

·     Label your photos with your First and Last names so we can identify you during the ceremony.

·     Upload your graduation photo to this link by Friday, April 30, 2021.

The first photo will be used during the processional and the second will be used when your name is called.

Submissions are due on Friday, April 30, 2021. Again, Photos will need to be uploaded to this link.

If you have questions, email  

Let’s Celebrate our Clinton College graduates! 

Friends and family of Clinton College graduates, submit a photo or short video celebrating your graduate, and we’ll share it during the virtual Commencement on Saturday, May 8, 2021 at 1pm.

How to Submit Your Photo or Video:

  1. Take a photo or video with a message of support and congratulations to your graduate. Videos should be no longer than 15 seconds. Acceptable file formats include .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .WAV. .AVI, .MV4, or .WMV and not to exceed 25MB
  2. Label your photo or video with "Congrats_" followed by the name of your graduate. Example: Congrats_JohnSmith
  3. Upload your photo or video HERE
  4. The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 30, 2021 
  5. You're done! We’ll share your photo or video at the end of our Commencement ceremony. 

Have additional questions? Contact us.