Clinton College Reopening Plan

This page serves a resource for students, parents, faculty, staff, community, and media regarding the state of the Clinton College during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All official communications will be updated on this page.

UPDATED July 14, 2020: Fall semester will be through remote learning. Read more.

Message from President McCorn

President McCorn announces the plan for the fall semester. Updated July 2020

Update from Academic Affairs

“The most important thing here at Clinton College at this time is the safety of our students, faculty, and staff.  We have been carefully monitoring the number of COVID-19 cases in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, which is where the largest number of Clinton College students reside.  These states are still reporting an increase in the number of positive test results and therefore we do not feel it is safe for students to return to Clinton for the beginning of the Fall Semester.  We have been working all summer to prepare a new online learning management system that will enable students to receive a quality education in a virtual environment that includes face to face time with instructors, recorded lectures, and student interaction with their instructor as well as other students.   While this will not replace the traditional classroom setting, we feel this is the best and safest way to provide continuing education to new and returning students in the midst of this worldwide pandemic.”  

Dr. Alvin McLamb, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Current State of Campus

Online Classes

Classes for the fall semester will be exclusively online. In August, we launched two different remote learning programs.

Bear Learning

Bridging Excellence And Remote (BEAR) Learning is our regular 15-week courses, typically offered face-to-face on campus, but will be taught virtually in fall 2020, using the learning management system called BrightSpace. 

Clinton Global                                                     

Clinton Global is a fast-paced, intensive online program for highly motivated adult learners, who will take one five-week course at a time and complete four courses each semester and one in the summer. Students earn an associate degree in Business Administration or Religious Studies in 2 ½ years and can continue in the program to complete a bachelor's degree.


The health and safety of our coaches, athletic staff, student-athletes, fans, and supporters remain the priority of our Athletic Department. It is for this reason, that Clinton College will suspend all basketball competition, drumline, and cheerleading activities for the Fall 2020 semester.

If it is determined by Clinton’s Executive Leadership, based upon CDC guidelines, that it is safe to return to campus in January 2021, it is our hope that we will be able to return to campus and begin the 2021 basketball season and resume all athletically related activities. However, it should be reiterated that the welfare of our student-athletes will remain the primary factor in all Clinton College operational decisions. The standards for canceling, and resuming operations within Athletics, reflect the position of our President Dr. Lester A. McCorn, and the position of our governing athletic conference the USCAA.

For updates within Athletics please visit our Golden Bear website at


On-campus events for the 2020-2021 school year have been either canceled or moved to a virtual space. Check the calendar periodically for updates on events.  

Travel Restrictions

All work-related travel by all faculty, staff, or students on behalf of Clinton College is suspended until further notice.  Any college-related travel should not be planned or scheduled at this time. We encourage everyone to explore alternative virtual options for collaboration and engagement.

Safety Measures

Clinton College has implemented new aggressive cleaning and disinfecting procedures.  In addition, the College has limited and is managing access to buildings across campus. Currently, staff is working remotely, and the campus is closed to the public.  Essential employees are working staggered shifts and only come to campus as needed.  As the College plans for the safe return of administration, stricter safety measures and mandatory safety training for all faculty and staff will be enforced to ensure the safety of all administrative staff. While students are experiencing a rewarding remote learning program during the Fall 2020 semester, the administration will safely return to campus in three phases (see below):

Phase I:  Essential Employees continue the staggered schedule

  • Voluntary Non-Essential Staff Return to Work on a staggered schedule  
  • Campus Closed on Friday 

Phase I Tentative Dates:  August 1st, 2020 – October 15th, 2020                                         

Phase II:  All employees return to work on staggered days              

  • Campus Closed on Friday

Phase II Tentative Dates:  October 16th – December 11th, 2020

Phase III: All employees return to work on a normal schedule

  • Normal Operation Monday through Friday

Phase III Tentative Dates:  January 4th, 2021

Note:  The tentative dates of each phase are subject to change due to changes with the COVID-19 pandemic

The safety and well-being of everyone require that we all do our part by wearing masks, practicing personal hygiene such as washing hands frequently, maintaining social distance (6 ft. apart), and staying home when sick.

COVID-19 Resources

Your Life Matters

At Clinton College, your whole life matters! 


During one of the most critical crises in our nation's history, we want you to know that you matter to us. This is why we are taking extreme caution to ensure your health and well-being in a safe academic environment. We have also designed and developed an excellent online learning program with you in mind. Although the instruction will be remote, we will not serve you from a distance. We will walk alongside you as you journey to your future. We are here for you because YOUR LIFE MATTERS.

You are special! You are not a number, a statistic or a stereotype. You will become a part of a loving, caring college community committed to your success. We take time to know you by name. You are an important member of the Golden Bear family. We care about your story, your hopes, and your dreams. We celebrate your gifts and talents. We believe that you have just as much to teach us. We will learn TOGETHER.


At Clinton College you are a person who is valued. We are dedicated to your holistic growth and development. Our core values are:  Scholarship, Servant Leadership, Social Change and Spirituality. You will experience these values in your curriculum and in your community, from quality professors to caring staff. You will not be alone in your journey. We will be your supporters, mentors, guides and cheerleaders. No matter where you come from you can be great! You can win! We believe in "Excellence without Excuse."


Clinton College remains committed to providing our students with the critical support and services needed to achieve academic excellence and have an exceptional educational experience.
Each area under Enrollment and Student Success (Counseling, Residence Life, Student Activities, Admissions, Financial Aid, Campus Ministry and Athletics) has implemented effective strategies, using virtual platforms, to meet the diverse needs of our students. 

Students will receive support services, and have an opportunity to participate in student activities, through virtual platforms i.e. zoom or Brightspace. Residence Life will have living learning cohorts, which will also be accessed through virtual platforms. Our counselor will continue individual counseling sessions, and a variety of self-improvement, and group sessions, through zoom and bright space. All counseling sessions remain private and confidential. Students may also, communicate individually with staff via phone, email, zoom or Brightspace.

It is important that students regularly check their Clinton College email and Brightspace, to stay informed, and receive critical information about Clinton College announcements, deadlines, and activities.  


The health and well-being of our students, faculty & staff is our top priority.  As we continue to find ourselves living amongst great uncertainty as COVID-19 numbers continue to increase, we encourage our student body to remain CLINTON STRONG - together, we will get through this.
President McCorn along with the administration of Clinton College is committed to doing all we can to keep our Golden Bear family safe.  We encourage everyone to protect themselves and each other.  Wear your masks, practice social distancing, stay home if you are sick, frequently wash your hands, and stay safe.