Residence Life

The advantages of residential living:

Residence Life promotes both academic and personal success through maintaining a safe, supportive, and diverse living-learning community. Valuing the diversity of students on our campus, we embrace all the people who make this community Clinton. An important part of the college experience is living in a residence hall. There are two residence halls at Clinton College. Because the residential experience is so valuable, Clinton College requires all freshmen and sophomores to live on campus. In general, students who live in a residence hall earn higher grades, are more satisfied with college, and participate in more college activities. Naturally, the development of friendships is another reason for living on campus. Our residence halls provide a comfortable living and learning environment so that each student will have a place to call home.

Why residential living is for you

Each residence hall is composed of students from a variety of geographic locations, belief systems, and backgrounds. Residents will have the opportunity to become actively engaged with other students who have different academic majors, grade classifications, ethnic backgrounds, and extracurricular interests. Furthermore, living in a residence hall offers a stimulating living-learning environment for students. The small community atmosphere allows students the chance to establish a sense of pride and common purpose. After being assigned to a residence hall, the student is connected with that community throughout their undergraduate years. Students, staff, and faculty establish enduring friendships through the experience. The residential college develops traditions and lasting bonds that students feel a part of years after graduation.

Residence Life Staff

The professional Residence Life staff members include the Director of Residence Life and two Area Directors. The Area Directors are live-in professionals who hold a minimum of a baccalaureate degree and have experience in higher education, social programming, and counseling residents. The student staff (Resident Assistants) are Clinton College leaders. There are four (4) Resident Assistants (RA) assigned to each residence hall. In addition to living in the hall on the floor with the residents, the RA offers educational and social programs, peer counseling/referral agent, and conflict mediation.

Other helpful information often requested:

  1. The rates for room and board may be found in the institution’s schedule of fees.
  2. Private rooms are made available only as space permits. Therefore, private rooms cannot be guaranteed.
  3. All hall residents have self-regulated hours, meaning they do not have a curfew.
  4. For the protection and security of residents, all hall entrances are locked 24 hours a day. Residents may use their ID card to gain access to their hall. Security officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. Alcohol/illegal drugs/smoking and paraphernalia are not allowed in any of the residence halls or on College property to include parking areas.
  6. Visitation policy is in place for both the courtesy and convenience of residents. Visitation is from 7:00pm - 12:00 a.m. during the week and on the weekend.
  7. No pets are allowed in the residence halls, with the exception of fish in a 10-gallon aquarium.
  8.  Residence halls enforce quiet and courtesy hours to provide an environment for studying and sound sleeping.
  9. All residence hall rooms and common areas are smoke free.

Exemptions to Residency Requirements

Students who meet the following requirements may request an exemption from the residency requirement by completing the Off-Campus Housing Release Form available in the Office of Residence Life.

  1. Students who commute daily from the permanent, legal residence of their parents (within 50 miles)
  2. Students who have lived in the residence halls four complete semesters (excluding summer)
  3. Students who are 21 years of age prior to the day of registration
  4. Students who are married and are living with their spouse (appropriate verification required)
  5. Students who have been enrolled full time at a postsecondary institution for four semesters (excluding summer)

About our Residence Halls

Cauthen Hall – Female Residence Hall

Marshall Hall – Male Residence Hall

Our halls are corridor style, traditional settings with rooms opening off a main hallway. Each floor has at least one Resident Assistant (RA) who are trained to help students adjust to college life.

Room Amenities: Internet connection (WIFI), Cable T.V. Outlet, Twin XL bed, desk, desk chair, and closet.

Residence Hall Amenities: Lounge, Computer lab, Free Laundry Facilities, Vending Machines, and Community Bathrooms.