Clinton Global Tuition & Fees

Students may access their student account information using the Clinton College Campus Café portal. Students are required to use their login information to access.

Global Online Students (Full-Time) : Cost:
Tuition (12 or more credit hours) 5,208.00
Application Fee               25.00
Enrollment Deposit             100.00
Academic Resources and Materials (All learning materials and technology)            554.99
Totals          5,887.99
Global Online Students (Part-Time):
Tuition ($400 per credit hour less than 12 hours)  400.00
Enrollment Deposit 100.00
Application Fee 25.00
Academic Resources and Materials  554.99
Additional Fees: Cost:
Part-Time Student Enrollment Fee  100.00
Charge per credit hour (for part-time students) 400.00
Transcript Fee               10.00
Late Registration Fee 100.00
Science Lab (per semester enrolled in science lab) 150.00
ID Card Replacement 25.00

Clinton College does not accept cash or personal checks.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.