Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity  


  • To cultivate a future where our graduates lead the forefront of Industrial Cybersecurity, safeguarding critical computer systems globally. Empowered with ethical values, advanced technological knowledge, and a commitment to excellence, they drive innovation, secure digital landscapes, and contribute to a safer and interconnected world.


  • The primary purpose of our Bachelor of Science in Industrial Cybersecurity program is to protect computers and computer systems from unauthorized access to computing assets such as, software, hardware, and data. Students will receive rigorous education  to enhance their knowledge of technology; they will understand and demonstrate the importance of standard ethical character while using technology; they will also be equipped to use their skills globally

Students Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  • The intended student learning outcomes for the major in Industrial Cybersecurity are aligned with Clinton College’s mission to promote academic achievement, positive moral and spiritual development, leadership qualities, and citizens who can contribute to global society.

Content Knowledge

  •  Students will detect and remove security issues related to computer system and networks in the context of IT as well as in that of OT.

Critical Thinking

  •  Our program also has a strong component of coding. Our students will therefore develop, design, test, and evaluate software

Problem Solving 

  • Analyze a problem and find a solution regarding security risks. Apply computing, mathematical concepts, algorithmic principles, and computing for robust software structure.

Analysis and Application of Scientific Information

  • Students will investigate, interpret, and resolve computer incidents and understand the impact that cybersecurity has locally and globally.


  • At the core of our Industrial Cybersecurity Program lies a philosophy rooted in fostering not just technical proficiency but also ethical responsibility. We believe in empowering students to be guardians of digital realms, equipped with the skills to detect, analyze, and resolve security issues. Our philosophy integrates rigorous education with ethical and moral character development, emphasizing the importance of responsible use of technology. Through a curriculum blending critical thinking, problem-solving, and coding, our students emerge not only as experts in Industrial Cybersecurity but as contributors to a global society, cognizant of the impact their work has on local and global cybersecurity landscapes.