Thank you for your interest in Clinton College!

Below are two links to complete applications for Clinton College. Please read the descriptions carefully to decide which program is best for you. 

Bear Learning

Bridging Excellence And Remote (BEAR) Learning is our regular 15-week course.  These courses vary in instructional methods.  BEAR courses may be taught on-ground and online.  BEAR learning allows for students to experience Synchronous and Asynchronous distance learning activities.  *Degrees offered in BEAR are not completely online and require in-person learning*

Clinton Global

Clinton Global is a fully online 7 ½ week program for highly motivated adult learners seeking certificates and degrees.  Clinton Global is intended for adults who may not have an opportunity to take traditional on-ground courses that are on a fixed schedule. Global online courses are highly intensive and will require 27 hours per week of personal study and research.  For a list of what degrees and certificates are offered contact your admissions counselor. *Degrees offered in Global are completely online